Sunday, July 27, 2008

Is this 'helpful' to anyone?

I still get the newspaper delivered to my house. I read online, but I love having an actual paper to read while I eat breakfast, etc. In fact, I get 2 papers (the SL Trib and the DesNews). Today, I was just reading thru some of the different sections and came across the Hints from Heloise column. I remember reading that column when I was growing up. Readers give random hints about day to day living, things to do in the house, etc. and Heloise responds to them.

Well, I came across these two beauty hints today. The first one: A reader wrote about how audiobooks are not new to those that use them while driving, but this reader had a brilliant idea that she was dying to pass along--Audiobooks, as she says that she 'discovered' are also good to listen to at home! You can listen while you are doing things at home. Crazy stuff. And Heloise took this one step further with this "Audiobooks are great! You can 'read' a book on the way to work or even at lunchtime." All I can say is, that is a truly helpful hint.

The next great 'hint' was a reader that puts notes on her keychain of things she has to pick up or do during the day so that she is reminded by what she has to do. After reading the hint, I guess you need to be the judge on how great of an idea that is...but Heloise had a genius followup hint on this: "Also, if you put your car keys in the refrigerator at work, you can't leave without them." Huh? Seriously, is this your hint? I can just see someone following this genius advice and putting your keys in the fridge and at the end of the day you go out to your car and can't get in because your keys are in the stinkin' fridge.

I think my biggest hint to those that read Heloise's column is to take her advice...and then do the opposite. With all that said, I have quickly realized how pathetic I am with spending 10 minutes to make a post about Helpful Hints from Heloise.

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