Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend thoughts

If you aren't watching 'Battlestar Galactica', then I just don't know what to say. Truly a terrific show. You can enjoy it if you are a SciFi geek or if you are just a regular person. It is a great show...too bad its on the SciFi channel which not everybody has...but you are in luck, the first three seasons are all available on DVD. Go watch and have a frakkin' good time.

If you are looking for a way to get your kid to eat vegetables, just tell them that if they eat their vegetables, they will get big and strong. Problem with Carter now is that after each bite of food now, he yells at me to come and feel his muscles (and then he flexes). So, eating vegetables can take a long, long time, but at least he eats good and healthy food all the time now. Salads? He takes so much of it now that I wonder if there is enough for everyone else.

I remember back in High School thinking about how expensive the gas was when it hit 99 cents a gallon during the first Iraqi war. Yeah, depressing. I feel bad that my kids college education is now gone because I have had to use it for gas money, but at least I can drive around town.

We just had our taxes done. Seriously, I do not enjoy this time of year. I hope that this picture doesn't get me audited.

We were having lunch with Brodi's family this weekend and I made a comment that eating all of this food is making me fat. My niece, Necie, quickly exclaimed 'You are not fat!' Yep, Necie just moved into first place on the list of my favorite nieces.

Why is it impossible to turn a book back in to the library on time? I don't think I have turned one in on time in 5 years. I hope that my 'donations' are being put to good use.


Anonymous said...

Five hot women, in space gear? I wonder why my husband likes Battlestar Galactica... and why he chose that picture.
p.s. I'm a fan as well, and I'll find my own picture, thanks!

Chelsea said...

Sam, you are hilarious. Ditto on the late library books. Our library won't let us check out books if the balance is over $20, so we've kept it at a steady $19.46 for months now. The lady always asks me if I want to pay down some of the balance and I say, "Is it over $20? Oh, it's not? Then no."

samandbrodi said...

Bro--I had no idea these were hot women...I was simply focused on their acting skills. Also, technically they are not all women--3 of them are Cylons.

Chelsea--love your PhotoBlog, we will be checking it out regularly.

Amy said...

I seriously don't know what you have against tax time.Renan and I enjoy it to the fullest.We always try to drag it out for several weeks because we enjoy it so much. I think you should try our approach. The most important thing is to not do any book work for a year, that way you can spend many blissful hours recreating that wonderful book work free year. Try it sometime!