Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Miserable little boy

So, Beckham has had a rough week. At just over 2 years of age, he has decided he no longer wants naps. So, around 1pm, he starts getting tired. By 5pm, he is bumping into walls because he is so tired. But, he will not go down. Now we come to find out that he has a bad case of the allergies (thanks to his lovely mother and his handsome father who have passed this trait on). He also has some very itchy skin right now due to his excema. That all leads to being very uncomfortable. And let me tell you, this has led him to look very sickly.

He goes to sleep normally around 7pm...well, last night, he decided he was way too uncomfortable to go to sleep. Finally, around 9:30, he climbed on the couch with me and watched the NCAA championship game with me just feeling miserable. Hopefully, we can cure his itching and get this boy some rest.

The next day, this tired little boy finally crashed and fell asleep on the floor. Its about time he fell asleep during the day.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I think Becks needs some Diet Coke and maybe a Poptart.