Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Upcoming concerts--its an impressive list if you are tone deaf or feeling nostalgic or both

Let me just say, there are some good concerts that have come through Utah over the years, everything from U2 to the Rolling Stones to Everclear to Live to John Denver (I don't care what any of you John Denver haters say). But looking over the upcoming concerts this year, well, it sends a few chills down my spine.

Def Leppard (USANA theater, September 7). I remember actually having their CD of ballads. Brings a tear to my eye. That tear is quickly wiped away though by just looking at their outfits in this picture. Shockingly brutal, but no doubt you ladies found that very sexy with the short shorts and the long flowing locks of rockin' hair. I remember my buddy Spencer and I would drive around in my Tercel back in high school with KBER 101 blazing over the cheap car speakers and rocking out to the Leppard, the Crue, Ozzy and the whole gang.

Journey (USANA theater, June 30). I do not believe that there is a better music video ever made. How manly must someone be to be able to make this video? This is an absolutely incredible video (Press play on the video, then pause it and let the player fully load for a minute or two and then press play and sit back and enjoy). Watching this video, I think it is also safe to say that men and women are both glad that those female hair styles and outfits are a thing of the past. Though my sisters worked these hair-dos in a famous Johnson sister family portrait that for some reason, my mom and dad still have prominently featured in their hallway. It is a constant reminder for them just how awesome the 80s were.

Cyndi Lauper (Usana theater, July 4). What better way to spend the 4th of July than celebrating the wonder that is the Lauper. I guess Boy George couldn't attend so they went after her. Truly a great way to spend a day celebrating the birth of our nation with great songs like 'Girls Just wanna have fun' and 'True Colors' which actually, isn't half bad. But I gotta hand it to her, she looks better now than she did 20 years ago.

Motley Crue (Usana theater, July 29). For their hair alone, this is a must concert. I remember living in Blackfoot, Idaho and the Crue came up to have a concert at the State Fair. Brodi worked for the NBC affiliate there as a reporter and helped cover the story. Seriously, there was more coverage on this band than there was on a presidential election. There were morality standards discussed, the police were on site to make sure that the Crue didn't sing naked or sing dirty lyrics. I am not sure if SE Idaho has ever been the same.

Stone Temple Pilots (E Center, June 11) and Nine Inch Nails (E Center, September 3). Both are performing and both want their 1990s back. Seriously, I had no idea that either bad was still around. With that said, Brodi gets a chance to rock out again to NIN as it reminds her of her youth and her rebelness.

Celine Dion (Delta Center, November 21). I probably need to be careful what I say, but I have included this video to show that I have every reason to stay 100 miles away from this concert. I have little doubt in my mind that AC/DC, when they heard this version of their famous song sung by her and Anastacia, cried themselves to sleep. I can think of very few less awkward things than those two singing this song. Call me crazy but I can do less of Celine doing her pelvic thrusts and her air guitar. It all just makes me very, very sad.

If these concerts are not of interest, John Mayer (of Jessica Simpson fame), the Police (it will cost you a mortgage payment, but they are in town), Jack Johnson (I can only think of Curious George whenever I hear his name mentioned), the Dave Matthews Band (seriously, are they still performing?), Kanye West (thats actually pretty cool because he can sing and he always says something inappropriate), The Cure (that is another pretty cool concert and nice to see them still around) and 311 (not much to say about them).

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Erin Gubler said...

I'm holding out for the Micheal Jackson "Thriller" world tour. I've got my white glove handy and have been practicing the moon-walk on our kitchen floor. Long live the 80's!