Saturday, April 19, 2008

Looking for a home with a urinal, lots of stairs and a bathroom for little people? I found it!

Brodi and I love seeing homes. It gives us ideas on our own place and it is kind of fun to see some of the funky things people have done with their homes. Well, we found Funkiness personified yesterday. We were looking at a home in the Harvard/Yale neighborhood. It was an intriguing house that is rather large for that area sitting at around 3600 square feet.

But what was interesting was that it appeared that the owners wanted to make it bigger but had zero idea on how to do it. The unique funky aspects?

**4 total staircases, 3 of which went to 3 different bedrooms on the 2nd floor. As I always say, you can never have enough stairs.
**Low ceilings on the top floor so that if you didn't want to duck, you had to stand in the middle of the room.
**Built in cabinets at angles in the walls, so if you opened up a drawer it would open out and upwards.
**A urinal (seriously, how cool is that?) and a bidet, both next to each other which is nice to know that you are your wife can hang out together.
**A master bathroom that had no doors on it so if you were using the toilet or taking a shower, you could just stare at your bed. How romantic is that?
**A drinking fountain...not much to say about that, but totally awesome!
**A miniature bathroom. The door was under 4' high, and the room had a mini toilet and a mini sink. Our boy Carter could fit in it now, but in a year, no longer.
**A study with built in book cases but only room for a desk about 1' by 1'

Anyway, Brodi and I love our older homes because there are so many crazy things that are done in these older houses. It is always entertaining.

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Amy said...

I went with Brodi to check out our new house. The more I think about that house the creepier it seemed. That little bathroom would be a nightmare for a person with claustrophobia. The only benefit to that house would be the amazing muscles you would get in your legs for climbing all the stairs.