Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring: Funky temp changes and a walk down cherry blossom lane

This is some funky weather. Pretty amazing that we can go from 78 degrees on Monday to low 30s on Tuesday with snow/rain showers. Now it is getting nice again and then next week, back down to cool temperatures. I am just itching to put on my short shorts and go around the neighborhood shirtless.

When we lived back in DC, we loved the Spring. You generally had nice 70s degree type weather. Humidity was obviously higher than in Utah, but it was bearable (Summer was often not bearable...nothing more fun than taking the Metro standing next to smelly sweaty men...and then showing up at work already dripping sweat and its only 8:30am). I have seen more than my share of 55 year old men wearing sweat stained business shirts to last me a lifetime.

One of the best things of Spring back in DC is the cherry blossoms. We made sure that every year, we spent time wandering around. It is beautiful. Looking back at these pictures just reminded me again of what a cute kid Carter is...a nice round head with no hair. Back then, people couldn't get enough of rubbing his head (now they can't get enough of petting his curls).

Brodi would come downtown to pick me up and we would leave my work and walk over to the Mall and go jogging (pushing Carter in the stroller). It was pretty cool to be able to see the Capital, Washington Monument, etc. Those were Good times, good times.


Anonymous said...

I love that little (big) bald noggin.

Amy said...

Short shorts and shirtless? Oh by the way, I hate to tell you this but the for sale sign on our house is going up soon.

Spencer Five said...

My sister is living in D.C. right now. She goes gaga over the cherry blossoms. I'm a more than a little jealous, considering my yard is not blooming yet.