Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday's Thoughts

I love Blockbuster Online. I pay $8 a month and that gives me 3 mail in rentals a month...I take in that mail in rental when I am done and I get a free movie to check out from the store. They also send me an email coupon for 1 more free movie. So, 7 movies for $8 a month. Now, if I just rented and 'watched' 7 movies a month...

Freeway construction on I-80 keeps things interesting. You haven't lived until you have about 2 inches of space going down your lane with Semi-trucks on both side of you...and its windy...and its snowing...and its a bit icy. Yes, I drive a truck. Yes, I will lose if those semis decide they like my lane better. 2 years and counting until I-80 is done.

We had some business meetings down at our ranch in Central Utah. We had very good meetings and a great steak dinner. Some of the group went out pheasant hunting. I didn't go but when they all got back, I asked if they had a nice time 'Peasant hunting.' Yes, a new ranch activity--round up people off the streets and then set them loose on the ranch grands. Good times for all. I quickly corrected myself and said 'Pheasant hunting, you know, birds' but everyone was already laughing.

For as much bad press as Pakistan gets, it is a fabulous country and we have loved working there and I have no hesitation of going back soon.

I found 6 pounds of extra weight on my body after all the heavy eating this holiday season. I was hoping it just stayed lost. Just curious as to if any of you would like my 6-pounds? I can ship it to you if you would like.

I have seen a couple of movies over the past few weeks: Juno and No Country for Old Men. These two movies could not have been more different and it would have been difficult for either one to be more entertaining. 'No Country' is dark and brutal and compelling. I left not sure exactly what I thought of the flick. This is the latest Coen thriller and it leaves you thinking about it for weeks afterward. No music, no laughter...just a feeling that things were not going to end well.

Juno on the other hand was surprisingly upbeat considering the material. For those of you concerned, it handles teen pregnancy very well. The lead actress is remarkable and extremely likable. The soundtrack is great and all the characters do a nice job in their roles. Be ready for a bunch of pop culture references. Also, nice to see Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner in a movie together.

I taught elders quorum this past Sunday. I liked it. I don't know if those in the class liked it. I did not teach false doctrine which is always a plus. I also did not talk about Kolob which was another plus.


jamkmb said...

Sam, I love the critiques. It's easy for bloggers to get caught up in "what I did yesterday" or "what's going on", or stupid stuff like family. I'm glad to see something fresh.

Enjoyed hoops over the holidays with you - I actually thought you had lost weight since I saw you last, so don't sweat the extra 6 lbs.

Take it easy- John

Amy said...

I definitely will go see the first movie you suggested. If it is a movie that Brodi likes, I know I will love it. It sounds so dark and depressing, just what the doctor ordered!