Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Wednesday thoughts...

If you would have asked me about this current presidential election and told me that the final 4 contenders for the President spot were:
  • A woman
  • An old man
  • A mormon
  • A black man
I probably would think you had the makings for a beginning of a joke. Its nice to see our country has come this far that all four have a chance. Its too bad though that race, gender and religion are still an issue though for some people.

Why do I check things out from the city library? Yes, they tell me when the items are due back. Yes, I know. But for whatever reason, I don't ever return them on time. I wait until I get that letter in the mail where the library basically says 'quit trying to steal that old used paperback book and bring it back.' I do, but usually a week or two overdue. Now 25 cents a day is not much, but if you have 5 books and you turn them all in late by 2 weeks, it comes out to something like $45 (yes, I know that is an exaggeration, but it sure feels like it). Why don't I just buy the books?

Thank goodness for global warming, because if it wasn't happening, I would have about 25 feet of snow in my front yard. Thankfully, I only have about 12 feet.

Our next door neighbor is moving in...and its only been 20 months worth of remodeling. Welcome to our neighborhood. Watch out for the Jefferies, they are dangerous.

I, surprisingly enough, do not care that there has been a writers strike. Yes, I miss '30 Rock' episodes. Yes, I will miss 'Weeds' and 'Dexter', etc. if those shows are delayed. But can it really be a bad thing that there are not new episodes of 'What about Jim' and 'American Dad.'? I have no problem spending more time with my family, watching movies and reading books. Too bad they can't just erase 80% of the tv shows and just keep the good ones. As a sidenote--Dexter is coming to network tv/CBS. Don't ask me how they will make that work. Dexter is not for the faint of heart though the show is truly fabulous.

Carter was going to bed but he wanted me to go with him and lay down with him. I told him that I had to work to which he responded with: 'Daddy, you are so tired...your ears are so tired. Let your ears sleep.' Creative enough that I joined him because my ears were, in fact, very very tired.

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Amy said...

Watch out for the Jefferies? What is that supposed to mean. I thought we were friends!