Thursday, January 3, 2008

Carter Party

Carter celebrated a ragin' birthday party at the Little Gym. Carter had a bunch of his neighborhood friends as well as a couple of his Washington DC friends who are now Salt Lake-ites, Cami and Drew.

The cool thing about the place is they basically play some games and then they get to spend the rest of the time running around and playing on little gym equipment. The two girls that ran the show were terrific and helped all of the kids enjoy their time.

Carter finally got the courage to walk across the beam and you can see him as he flies off the beam. Very talented and after he did it one time, it was difficult to get him off of it.

The kids sat in a circle and played some games with their 'teachers'

Grandpa Frank and Carter got to hang out on his birthday.

This is Beckham just having a good time. Beckham was in his element of just running around and playing with all of the older kids. He loved watching to see what they did and then he loved going out and doing his own thing. It was a lot of fun.

Though these pictures are of Carter's party from 2 weeks ago, today is Beckham's Birthday. On Sunday, I will post some pictures of his party. Happy Birthday to 'Becks!"

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Amy said...

It looks like Carter's party was a huge success.We were apparently clueless to when Beckham's birthday was.The guilt I am feeling right now is extremely horrible. We will make this up to you Beckham!!!!!!!