Thursday, January 24, 2008

The near perfect diet solution: Tab and PopTarts

Now, I know what you are thinking--the 'near perfect' diet, why wouldn't Tab and PopTarts be the perfect diet? Well, simply because PopTarts are too addictive. You can't stop at 2, or 4, or 6 and then the calorie intake is just out of control and even though Tab has zero calories, your caloric intake is too high. So, if you can control your obsession with poptarts and only eat 4-6 in a day and supplement it with nature's juice, Tab, then it is the absolute perfect diet.

TAB--Yes, I know, this drink may take some time to get use to it. But seriously, this is a fabulous drink. Not only has it been around for decades, but it keeps on going strong. I had not seen a TAB in years until about 5 years ago back in DC when my brother and I went shopping and there was a 12-pack sitting there. We picked it up and I have not looked back since. I have a feeling that the TAB cans still on the shelf may have in fact been there for the past 15 matter, it is as tasty and refreshing as ever. Yes, TAB may be slowly eating away at my stomach lining, but I have no doubt that TAB is keeping me youthful and 'healthy.' Some people say that TAB tastes like paint thinner--to be honest, I have no idea, I have not tasted paint thinner so its a good thing that I found TAB first.

Brown Sugar PopTarts: Seriously, I am addicted. Donuts used to be my downfall, but that is no longer the case. These poptarts are a terrific breakfast, mid-day snack or a terrific compliment to any dinner. I don't care much for any of the other flavored poptarts, but I can down the brown sugar ones like it is going out of style. Important note--I am not a fan of toasting which is good so that I don't have to waste time cooking them with a toaster, I can just grab them out of the box and eat them. Brodi does not appreciate me throwing poptarts at the kids whenever they get healthy. I have checked the nutrional content of poptarts and they are pretty impressive: 10% of iron and Vitamin A!!!! It also contains 1% of your needed calcium. Add one poptart with a glass of milk and you are at about 41% of needed daily calcium, thanks in no small part to PopTarts.

TAB with Brown Sugar Poptarts may not be the perfect diet, but it just may be the ultimate breakfast. It does not get better than that.


Amy said...

You are a regular "Gilmore Girl". Well actually a "Gilmore Boy". I am absolutely a fan of the brown sugar Poptart. Now I don't have to buy my own Diet Coke AND Poptarts. Having you as a neighbor has certainly cut down on the grocery bill.

Sam said...

We are always there for you with Diet Cokes on hand. As long as you have cookies for us later!

the Renan said...

You guys are my favorite. We need to hang out more. Seriously.

Chelsea said...

I like the juxtaposition of Tab and President Hinckley.

Sam said said...

Renan and Amy are the best neighbors and the reason we hang out with you guys........well who wouldn't.