Sunday, January 20, 2008

Flashback Sunday has been interrupted

Flashback Sunday has been put on hold for a week for some good news. Brodi's dad, Dennis, has been fighting thru pancreatic cancer over the past couple of months. He was diagnosed on Halloween and he has been under chemotherapy and radiation treatment since then. As you know, pancreatic cancer is one of the 'real bad' cancers but there is hope as Dennis' was caught relatively early. It has been a brutal couple of months that has seen Dennis lose 35 pounds (down to 115 pounds). The good news though? Dennis visited with his surgeon on Friday and was given word that the tumor has shrunk some and they would be able to perform the whipple surgery in early February. This is fabulous news and exciting. Anyway, we have his website linked on the left ( so you are welcome to go in and check it out to see his progress. Keep him in your prayers. This quick explanation is nowhere near as interesting as the detail given on their website, so please visit it. We are excited to get him healthy soon and back to spending quality time with family and working back at his pediatric practice. The picture on the left is Dennis, Joan with Brodi and her sister Erin on the first day of chemotherapy and radiation.

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