Sunday, January 6, 2008

Flashback Sunday and Beckham's Birthday: COMBINED!

Beckham had his birthday this past Thursday and he turned 2 years old. Crazy. It seems like just a few weeks ago, this little crazy kid joined our world. Brodi and I were not sure if we were going to have another kid and we finally decided to have one more and it was the best move we have made...little Beckham has changed our lives and will continue to do so.

His first birthday party was basically Beckham sitting down and stuffing his face with frosting and cake and as you can see, he made the most of it. It has been a blast watching him over the past year as he learned to walk, babble and learn to play with his parents, his brother and his friends.

We celebrated his second birthday with some parties at our house with Brodi's family and our friends, the Jefferies. The next day we took the Beckham party machine over to Sam's parent's house. Donuts, brownies and all of the necessary food items were there in full force. Beckham managed to eat half of his Banbury Cross donut by just eating around the edges. He didn't quite understand what he was celebrating but he enjoyed good food, new toys and everyone hanging out and partying like it was 1969.

Now for a little background on this little boy: Beckham was born on January 3, 2006. Everything seemed to be fine for a couple of weeks and then he picked up a cold. Some good friends of ours, Brad and Raina, had a little boy that struggled to breathe after developing a cold as a newborn. He was rushed to the hospital, where they determined he had RSV. RSV is basically a very bad cold in kids, but in new babies, it can be deadly. Their little lung passages are so easily blocked. So when Becks got a bad cold at three weeks old, we watched him carefully. We had him attached to a little machine that monitored his oxygen levels. Anything above 90 percent is normal. He hung on for a little while, and then his levels dipped to below seventy. We rushed him up to Primary Children's, where he stayed for two weeks, hooked up to machines, looking very small and very uncomfortable. There is very little that the doctors can do except to make sure that he is hooked up to oxygen, and occasionally clear his passages with an NP tube and suction. We were able to finally bring him home but we still had to keep him hooked up with oxygen at home. Not a lot of fun, but we got him thru it.

Beckham is our little, as Brodi likes to call him, our mischievous little gnome. His little mind is always working and trying to figure out how to cause trouble. He knows what buttons to push to get his brother all bothered, but he always seems to do it in a cute way.

Beckham has many loves and some of them are:

  • He loves to flush the toilet (he has yet to break it, BONUS for us)
  • He loves to turn the lights on and off. (his nursery leaders love this quality in him)
  • He loves eat dino nuggets.
  • He loves YoGabbaGabba on Nickelodeon (that show is not safe for adults)
  • He loves to draw and paint. (thankfully he usually does it on the paper, but if he is feeling extra creative, doors are a good alternative option for him)
  • He loves slides, especially the one in the front yard.
  • He loves to watch his older brother play with the DS Lite system. (watch and annoy his bro at the same time)
  • He loves his preschool, especially his teacher Miss Vaunda.
  • He loves his booty (blanket) and he can't imagine life without it. (fwiw, we can't imagine what would happen if he lost it either)
  • He loves his milk. (Winder Dairy is like gold to him)
  • He loves baths and loves to pour water on himself.

He is a good little boy and we can't imagine life without him. Happy Birthday Becks.

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