Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday Ramblings

Free parking in Downtown Salt Lake City rocks during the Christmas season. Those green coverings on the meters brings a tear to my eye. Normally parking in SLC is not that expensive when compared to DC or London, but it still drives me nuts to put in a dime and see you get yourself about 5 minutes. Why only 5 minutes...well, thats because that is usually all the money that I have in my ashtray. So, the question becomes, What am I going to do for 5 minutes? Do a little dance? Run into a store to tell everyone that I have to go back outside to move my car? Sit on the hood and wait for the meter to expire and then drive away? Now with free parking, my dime can stay nice and safe in my ashtray until next month when I park and have to use it to give that 5 minutes of parking.

I can be a democrat and a mormon. Crazy, but it happens. The only thing worse than being a democrat and being a mormon is being a democrat and mormon who won't vote for Mitt Romney. I haven't decided on how I am going to vote, but I have a feeling that my house may be burned down if I don't vote for him.

I am continually amazed by the utter lack of quality television that is on the boob tube right now. If it is not some shockingly bad comedy (with a laugh track that finds everything funny) or a reality show that I thought was canceled 13 years ago (The Bachelor), then it is some other crummy show. What makes it worse is that shows like Arrested Development, Veronica Mars and a few others actually get the ax. Seriously, how does that happen?

I love basketball season. It will be fun to watch the Jazz and the Utes this year. The new Ute head coach, Jim Boylen, may actually have his head explode on the sidelines at some point this year. It is extremely entertaining to watch flapping his arms and screaming and jumping around. His team may just be almost as entertaining to watch this year as he is.

If we remodel one more thing in our house, I may have to be committed.

David Rosenfelt ( is a tremendously entertaining writer. If you have a chance to waste an evening or two to laugh while also getting a thriller of a book, it is worth reading his stuff.

I love Christmas time, now if I can just spend the time to put up the stinkin' tree. I do have to say though that I impressed even myself by finally putting up Christmas lights--pictures to come later this week.


Chelsea said...

Free parking really is amazing. It's the little things that mean so much. Thank you SLC.

As for voting for Mitt, of course you must. He's hot and he runs every day. What other qualifications are there?

Finally, TV. TV is trash. Last year we decided to put ours in the garage. We get it out every now and then to watch movies. Sometimes we watch an episode of something online. Mostly, our life has greatly improved without that distraction.

Spencer Five said...

The real question (which was posed to my mom at some political convention out of state a few years ago) is how can you be a Morman and a republican? Democrats rule! Obama all the way.