Sunday, December 16, 2007


Today is Carter's birthday. It is crazy to think that he is already 5 years old. I think of everything has changed for us over the past 5 years since he was born:
  • Lived in Washinton DC, Denver and Salt Lake City
  • Lived in 3 different apartments and 2 different homes
  • Sam has had 2 different jobs
  • Brodi has had 2 different jobs
  • He now has a little brother

We love our 'good little boy' Carter. For a kid that never talked until he was 3-years old, we can't get him to stop talking now. He loves running around, he loves role playing, he loves his imaginary friends and he loves bossing his little brother around. He is fearless. Whenever we go to Disneyland, he rides every single ride. That includes Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones and Soarin' over California. He has wanted to ride the horses from, it seems, since he was born and he happily jumps on the horse and wants to ride away. I can count on one hand the number of times that he has actually seemed nervous--he seems to take each situation, no matter how stressful or out of his element he is, in stride.

He has had his own share of mis-haps and accidents. He plummeted on top of a coffee table and got 3 stitches right over his eye...he had a chainlink gate smash him in the face opening up another gash which required 3 stitches over his eye...he was playing around with cousins and landed on the ground wrong and broke his collarbone...he pulled down a small cabinet at church and ended up with cuts and bruises all over his face...he had a door shut on his finger which nearly cut it entirely off but we were able to save it and it took 11 stitches to put it back together...he had a heat induced seizure at Disneyworld and had to spend the better part of a night at a hospital in Celebration, Florida. He knows what pain is and he has dealt with it like a superstar.

He loves trains and trucks. He loves going to big open areas like the UofU for football or basketball events. He loves Scooby Doo, Duck Dodgers and Harry Potter. He does not like it when his mommy or daddy sing to him either. He loves running (he loves to run around the Olympus High School track and he will go around it a couple of times before he even begins to get tired). He loves computer games and he loves scary books (like Where the Wild Things are and the Blue Monster).

We had a fun party with Brodi's family as well as our friends the Jefferies. They all came over to our house and Carter was spoiled and got great gifts and had fun hantoo good of stuff. It was then off to my family where he was spoiled again with gifts and cake. He had the time of his life today. Happy Birthday to our Big Boy.

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Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday Carter! You are adorable. (And brave. Wow, that was quite a list of injuries.)