Thursday, December 13, 2007

McDonalds--quite possibly the happiest place on earth

So, it is late on a Saturday afternoon and I am looking for some good, healthy food for the kids. I also want to take them to a charming place full of good times and good friends/strangers. Where else to go besides McDonalds. McDonalds management were very smart. Build big playgrounds in their stores and then watch all the kids come in and play and eat and eat and eat.

Both Beckham and Carter love it. It has huge tunnels which take you up to the big slide and it is a true party coming down that slide. Carter often comes down with a new friend that he met on the way up and they basically hug each other and go down the slide together.

It also seems like every time we go, we meet very interesting people. There are these 4 cute 80+ year olds that we see nearly every other time we go this McDonalds. They sit in their same seats, they eat the same food and probably have the same conversations. Very nice and are always ready to make a cute comment about our kids. There are the single moms or single dads that strike up conversations with me...there are the families that are just wanting their kids to play and be out of their hair for a few moments...and there are the grandparents trying to keep control over their grandkids. The thing that always makes me smile though is that all of them are genuinely interested in just talking to me or with other parents. Its like we have some kind of McFriendships. An unbreakable bond of unity--keeping our kids happy.

I am not sure how much our kids like the food there, but they love the BBQ sauce. Beckham can dip that fry, the same fry, into that sauce 10 times until it is so soggy, it basically disintegrates in his hand. Nice visual, huh? Carter just grabs his food and takes it with him up the slide.
We'll be back. We always go back for their addicting BBQ sauce, their rockin' slide and all of the other interesting individuals we meet there every time we go.

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