Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Small body, small place

Beckham is one talented boy. If there is a small place in our house, he will figure out how to fit his body there. Our small island sink became a perfect place to spend an evening.


kristilee said...

I can totally relate Beckham. No sinks for me though, I'm trying to fit into my Costco jeans. By the way, the kitchen looks great!

Kent said...

oh you guys... does the fun ever start?!
Nice to stumble onto your blog, and see that my wife isn't the only one that thinks her husband isn't funny anymore.
Okay okay... I was really just googling for your mailing address to send a nice Christmas card... what is your address? email me por favor!

Chelsea said...

Beckham is so cute. And your kitchen is beautiful! We totally laughed at Brodi's 2008 goal to avoid actually making a meal in there. Brodi and I are kindred spirits.