Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Recap

I love Christmas. I really do. But, I have to say that it is also nice to have it over. It is such a hectic time and it is crazy and the kids love it, but it is nice to relax a little the day after and take it easy.

We had a lot of fun as usual though. We spent Christmas Eve, as we always do, with Brodi's family where we had a great dinner and then opened up our first presents which are always pajamas.

Christmas morning started early, but not as early as for others. Carter and Beckham both woke up just before 7am and we finally let them go into the living room. Carter was pleased to see that the cookies and milk were gone by the fireplace. Though Carter did inform me a couple of days before, after looking at our 'skinny' chimney that 'Santa is too big to down that. How is that going to happen, daddy?' But, the presents arrived and Carter spent the next few minutes opening his and helping Beckham open his gifts as well.

We then had a nice Christmas lunch with my family. Lots of kids and lots of presents. Carter also spent part of the day helping his older cousin learn how to play the Nintendo DS system. Seriously, Carter is a genius at computer games. He will either make a lot of money when he gets older in computer gaming and programming or he is going to be a bigtime nerd or both.

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