Friday, December 28, 2007

Best of 2007: Salt Lake City restaurants

As most of you know, Brodi and I eat out quite a bit. Its not that we hate cooking, its that we don’t enjoy it as much as eating out. Now, with that said, we can cook. I can use the grill with the best of them to cook up steaks, fish, chicken, etc. Brodi can cook up some fabulous mash potatoes and spaghetti (and many, many, many other delicious meals! Love you honey) but we get takeout and we dine out. So, with all that said, here are some of our favorites over the past year.

Nicer/more formal

The Melting Pot—Yes, we know this is a chain restaurant. We understand that. But, we love it and we go too often. How can you beat melted cheese and unlimited selections of breads and vegetables to dip into it. How can you beat fishes, meats and chickens in a tasty broth to go along with potatoes and vegetables. And how can you beat melted chocolate over brownies, fruits and cakes. Its difficult to beat that and that is why the Melting Pot is in our top 10.

Himalayan Kitchen: The restaurant, to be honest, is lacking in terms of ambiance. It is located on 4th South and State Street and you will most likely not be impressed by the looks of it. It is also small with no more than 20 tables. But if you are looking for terrific indian/nepalese food, this is the place. I have eaten at 8 indian places in Salt Lake City and the only one that can compete is the Bombay House.

Caffé Molise: Located downtown, it has a very nice outdoor setting as part of the restaurant. Very good italian food with good waiters and generous portions of food.

Thai Lotus: Located across the street from the old SLC Library, this just opened up this past year. Cheap meals with lots of food, the Thai food is well done and as authentic as you could hope for. The yellow chicken curry is terrific.

Faustinas: A modern hip setting and some very good food. Not cheap but their lasagna is absolutely terrific. This is located in the downtown area.

Rodizios: It is hard to go wrong with lots and lots of meat that is brought out to you and cut for you right there on your plate. They also have some good salads to go with it. But, you go for the meat. Come hungry because the food does not stop.


The Dodo: Yes I am a male and yes, I do like the Dodo. Good sandwiches, good soups and a very nice chicken alfredo. Located down at the Gateway, it is worth it to have their most popular Turkey Sandwich or their Chef Salad.

Bohemian: A german pub type restaurant out by Jordon Commons. Garlic fries are tasty but will leave your breath with a special smell for weeks. Nice atmosphere and good food.

Citris Grill: A nice setting and a casual setting. Good food that will fill you up. The Southwest Chicken wrap is tasty as well. Good luck in finding parking though.

The Pub: located at Trolley Squares, this is my favorite of the three other Pub restaurants (Stellas and Red Butte Café being the other two). The pasta salads are terrific and the atmosphere is high energy and loud.

Others that worth a visit: Mengs Garden in Millcreek, the Cowboy Grub on Foothill, Rio Grande down by the Gateway, the Happy Sumo and Z Tejas down at Gateway, Sampan in Sugarhouse, Dasks out at the Old Mill and The Other Place and Cinnegrill downtown.

If any of you have any restaurants that you enjoy, let us know. Later this weekend, we will have the Best of 2007 movies and television.

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