Friday, July 30, 2010

Utah Site: annual Alta to Brighton hike

We did our annual Alta to Brighton hike this past 24th of July. My family has done this hike now for 30 years, so since moving back to Utah, its been fun going with the family again. We had 29 of us on the latest trip. All of us brothers/sisters/nephews/nieces and 1 grandpa.

It is not a totally easy hike. It is about 4 miles with some good steep climbs and great views. Becks did a good job and hiked probably 80% of it. In fact, on the backside, he ran down the mountain the entire way urging me to keep up with him. He fell about 10 times, but we would dust him off, put on some imaginary bandaids (thanks to his cousin Brigham) and off he was running again.

Carter had a great time leading the hike with his grandpa Frank. Carter had to either stay 1 step ahead or 1 step behind Grandpa Frank the entire way.

Anyway, look forward to next year's hike.

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