Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Secret Ingredients, Dunkball and my Wife came back

Brodi just got back in town from a Writers Conference in LA. Guess what I did? I went to a family cousin party of hers while she was out of town. How much do I rock? How much does she owe me now? I will answer both questions - A LOT!

How can a tv channel called the Food Network be so frakkin' amusing? Seriously. When I first heard that there was a channel like this a few years ago, I thought they were insane. Man, I love that channel. The Next Food Network Star, Chopped and Iron Chef America rock. Here is a clip from the Iron America chef show where the person hosting (pretty funny guy) introduces himself with various clips of a mystery ingredient that the chefs have to incorporate in all 5 course dishes. This program showcases top chefs around the country competing against each other with 3 judges and a winner is named each episode:

I have a neighborhood Dunkball contest tonight - 12 teams, 24 guys competing to be dunkball champions of the world, err, Olympus area. Man, I don't think my body is ready for the abuse. Tennis, walking and jogging are nice sports because your body isn't being beaten up...I tend to forget how physical basketball is. I am not looking forward to the aches my body will be feeling tomorrow morning.


nielsons*love*family said...

did you find enough ice?

Sam said...

There is not enough ice to soothe my wounds.

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Anonymous said...

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