Monday, August 16, 2010

Water in a basement does not equal Awesomeness

You may have heard, we flooded our basement again. Again. Frakkin' again. You can read a much more entertaining post on it by going to Brodi's blog here. But anyway, We flooded it twice in a period of 2 weeks about 4 years ago. It was a backed up line in our house and it flooded our basement. This time, a sprinkler valve broke. Hundreds of gallons of water discharged into our basement.

I hate flooding a basement. It was after midnight when we noticed it and I just stared out the water dumbfounded. I almost just walked out of the house and put a For-Sale sign in our front yard. But, Brodi convinced me to get working. In the middle of the night, Brodi shoveled out water from our window well...and I used a shop-vac from our love neighbors 'The Js' and tried to get rid of some of the water. After doing all we could do, we went off to sleep around 3am.

I called my good friend Judd at Nautica Cleaning and he came over and kicked the Flood's arse. With a cool riding vacuum and big heating fans, our carpets and walls were saved (though a few stuffed animals were drowned). He came in and sucked up the water and set up the fans and was done within 3 hours. Then he just let the fans do their work on the vulnerable water. Party is back on at the Johnsons! And if our basement floods again, I will look to rent an apartment.

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