Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camping, Logos and stupid frakkin' automatic hand thingy

So, we had a neighborhood campout and we took up the boys. They had a great time of running around in the wild and then sleeping in the big tent. Asleep by 10:30pm and not up until 7:30am...that is what I call a success. I was in charge of entertainment. For some reason, Twister, Monopoly and Risk were not good games to choose for a campout.

I walked by this house the other morning and saw this--two air condition units with Utah and BYU logos painted on it. First off, that is craziness to have them next to each other, I mean Ute and Cougar things need their space away from each other...but the second question is, someone paid to have that done to their air conditioners? Third question--where do I go to get mine done? I am willing to spend thousands of dollars to proclaim my love of the Utes.

These are an abomination. Automatic hand driers. It plays out like this: I wash my hands and then I want to dry my hands. I wave my hands in front of it. Nothing. I shake my hands in front of it. Nothing. I end up doing some crazy dance (like the running man dance) all in hopes of getting this frakkin' thing to turn on. It usually ends with me cursing like a sailor and wiping my hands on my shirt. Technology, its Fabulous!


AltJ said...

Maybe it's a bug in the sensor. You should watch the "Racial Sensitivity" episode of Better Off Ted. You'll get a kick out of it.

samandbrodi said...

I love Better off Ted and that is one of my all time favorite episodes. Very funny.