Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Utah Site: Donut Falls

We took the boys up this weekend for an afternoon hike to Donut Falls, which is up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It is a nice 1.5 roundtrip hike up a trail to see a nice little waterfall. We thought that going up in the afternoon on a hot day (though rather cool in the mountains, around 80 degrees) would discourage others from going. We were wrong. There were cars parking for a half mile down the road, but we kept going to see if we would get lucky and find a car space. We did. Right at the trail beginning. How much do we rock?

It is a popular hike because it is short and very pretty. There is a little river, wide hiking trails, little animals running around and the trail is easy to follow and well maintained.

You can tell though who hikes quite a bit and who doesn't. There is very little etiquette on these hikes as people will basically be climbing over you in narrow areas or down a little rock wall. Sorry our 2 kids are slowing you down about 1 minute.

Anyway, if you are looking for a nice easy hike with kids which they will enjoy, head on up there. 1-2 hours and it will be a fun afternoon.

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