Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hair cuttin' and stylin'

I got a haircut. Lovely Brodi decided to go a little funky and she went a bit brunette. I wanted to mix it up a bit so I looked over some lovely options.

Option 1: Party in the front and Party in the back is always a good look. I know that I could pull it off but I decided against it. Maybe next time.

Option 2: The faux mohawk. I didn't really want to have to use gel, so if I could incorporate a rolling faux mohawk, that may look pretty hott! Alas, I don't think I could pull it off like this gentleman did with his rolling morph into a fauxhawk.

Option 3: Let my beautiful locks of hair just grow out and flow out. On days that I wanted a break from my hair, I could just put it in a ponytail and rock that out. Nothing says stylish, hip and sexy like long blond hair on a guy. But I wasn't quite ready to leave my brunette hair behind.

In the end, I had a regular ho hum haircut. Don't get me wrong though, still metrosexy to the max, but not as exciting as the hairstyles above.


Brodi Ashton said...

Oh man, those Nelson brothers. I just want to run my fingers through their long, blond, stringy hair. I vote grow your hair out! All the way out!

6deans said...

I definately say you go for Option in the front and back. Although I am afraid if you sport that kind of haircut our garbages may never get emptied...what is up with that 2 weeks in a row. The garbage man must have something against Evening Star South and Saturn East...geez. Maybe if you guys would pay your garbage bill he wouldn't have anything against us :)

samandbrodi said...

Bro and Emily--I could let my hair really grow out and kinda accomplish both goals. Long flowing locks but still a party!

Emily--yeah, the garbage thing must be pretty complicated to have it happen on back to back weeks. I may just start burying the garbage in my backyard so I don't have to worry about pickup any more.

nielsons*love*family said...

i was leaning for the long blond look--you would wear it well~

Amy said...

Option #3????? Are you trying to compete with me!I can pull it off much better than you. Well hopefully I can. But could you imagine the neighborhood and all the confusion it would cause. People would be saying is that Sam or is that Amy.