Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And the Tab went boom!

A tragedy happened early morning in my office. Now those that have followed my blog probably remember that I have a problem with exploding soda cans in the freezer. It happens all too often. Well, this is different.

I walked into my office to see my small mini fridge door wide open with drink splatter (not blood splatter, drink splatter--though blood splatter would have been cooler, though gross-er) all over the floor and all over the mini fridge. Worse part about it? It was another Tab. A Tab that I would never be able to drink now.

So, this Tab obviously froze and exploded with such force, it knocked open the door to the fridge. How cool is that? If I had been at my desk when that had happened, I would have probably dove under the desk thinking that someone was shooting at me (just like my old West High School days). Thankfully it happened over night.

This could happen again though-- a slushy diet drinks still rocks just a bit too much to turn down the temp in the fridge.


Tricia said...

Can we just send over one of those "slush" cups for you? My parents have plenty...I mean really??? You sound like Janie, diet drink explosions and all! And nice "props" to your alma mater! He he!

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