Monday, May 12, 2008

Things on my brain right now

My allergies are in full, full effect. My eyes are constantly watering and let me tell you, it can be a bit embarrassing when we go to a movie or hear a somewhat sad story and my eyes are watering. I am becoming known as a very sensitive man as tears well up in my eyes. I also have a very attractive eye infection. With my nose running, my eyes filled with tears and goop...lets just say that I am lucky that I am married because otherwise, I am not exactly a sight to behold.

I have an apple tree in our front yard. I hate apple trees. The problem with them is that they grow apples. The apples stay in the tree too long and then they fall on the ground in the dead of winter and I am cleaning up mush on our driveway and snow covered lawn. Good times. They are very pretty in bloom though in the Spring. Too bad they become very ugly in the Fall.

How much fun is it to watch the Jazz play right now? The days of Stockton and Malone were terrific...but this current team is always so much fun to watch. Brodi and I are glued to the chairs watching this team play. With this team, they can give up a huge 20 point lead in a quarter or they can do a terrific comeback against any team. With AK flying around on defense, DWill leading the offense and Booz getting it going downlow and Okur bombing from the outside, it is fun to watch.

Our internet was down for a night last week. We quickly learned how addicted we are to our computers. I half expected us to just start wandering around our neighborhood in a daze hoping to pick up some kind of wifi connection from one of our neighbors. Alas, they all have protected networks. I can't believe they don't trust their own neighbors!

I do not think that I could imagine a movie that I would like to watch less than 'Speed Racer.' The cartoon was barely passable...the movie looks like someone who was high on crack cocaine and decided to put his thoughts down on paper. It looks brutal and would probably cause me to go in to a seizure with all of the colors, loud noises and cars racing in endless circle after endless circle.

Disneyland is coming up soon and I don't know who is more excited--the kids or Brodi.


Amy said...

I hear it is going to be a record year for apples!

samandbrodi said...

You'll find out soon with all of these dead mushy apples sitting in your gutter and on your driveway.