Monday, May 26, 2008

the genius that is Carter

If you know Carter, you realize that his mind never stops working. He had a few comments in the past couple of days that deserve some recognition:

We were driving through Laguna Hills and Carter, out of the blue, asks us 'Do you know what is hot?' Now, that is an open question. I had many options running thru my mind: an oven on broil is hot, a farm in the middle of Pakistan during June is hot, hell with Satan fanning the flames of doom is hot. So many answers but surprisingly, none of those were what Carter was thinking. Finally, we asked him, 'What is hot Carter?' Carter responded, 'hot lava is hot.' Yep, that is correct. So, as Brodi and I pondered that, Carter followed up with another question: 'Do you know what is cold?' So obviously, a bunch of cold things ran thru my mind but Carter didn't wait for a response: 'Cold lava.' Uhm, well, I guess he was right.

I told Carter that he needed to go potty before we left for Disneyland. Carter stood there for about 30 seconds in front of the toilet and nothing had happened. And then Carter started finally going with a quick shout out of: 'Here comes PeePee power, here it comes.' And yes it did.

Carter wandered into our bedroom at 5am this morning. I told him that it was way, way too early for him to be awake. Carter let me know that 'All the tired is gone out of my body Daddy. The Tired is all gone.' I tried to find the tired, but it did seem to have left the building.


Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh, he is so hilarious. I love "all the tired is gone." Um well, you better find it.

Amy said...

I am starting to forget what you guys look like. I hope you are having fun and taking down California in your matching outfits. I do hope there are lots of pictures to see. Have a safe ride home.