Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"If I had a billion dollars, I would buy you a house"

What would you do with a billion dollars? Would you buy your very own island somewhere at sea? Would you buy 1 million poptarts and several million bottles of diet coke? Would you pay off your student loans? Would you buy your own private island with a private airplane along with season tickets to University of Utah games? Lots and lots of ideas.

Mukesh Ambani in India decided to drop all of that money into his very own home. Yes, 1 home. Yes, $1 billion. Obviously, this aint no ordinary home. Let me put that in perspective...Mr. Ambani obviously will simply buy this and build this home with the money that he has in his ashtray (his net worth is estimated at over $43 billion) but lets say that Mr. Ambani decided to go to his local mortgage guy and take out a conventional $1 billion loan over 30 years. His monthly payments would clock in at $6.6 million a month. That does not include insurance or property taxes.

His billion dollar home probably looks a bit different than your home, no offense of course. Here are some of the things that go into a billion dollar home:

  • 1 car garage...just kidding.
  • 60 stories in height...yes, you heard right, it will go up in to the air six hundred feet. But, there will only be 27 floors so that means that the ceilings will all be 15-25 feet high on all floors.
  • Six of those floors will be dedicated to parking. Parking spaces for only 168 cars. And I feel the same way, how can you only have 168 cars park there? Where will all of the guests ever park?
  • 400,000 square feet. That is not a misprint. It makes those 10,000 squarefoot homes in SLC look like a decent sized bathroom comparatively in size.
  • One of the floors will be a Movie/TV floor where it will sit 50 people, most likely in stadium seating, to watch shows.
  • One of the floors will have a swimming pool, a spa and a health club with all gym equipment needed.
  • There will be two guest apartments on one of the floors.
  • 9 elevators in the 'home.'
  • The top 4 floors will be set aside for actual family living--2 parents, 1 grandparent and 3 kids.
  • A helipad on the roof which gives room for 3 helicopters. I can't tell you how nice it would be to have an extra 2 helicopters available in case one of them is getting worked on.
I feel bad though because they will only have 600 people on staff to help keep it clean and running smoothly. I also feel bad for all of the would you like to try and keep up with the Joneses, errr, Ambanis? All of this leaves me slightly depressed and amused.

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