Sunday, May 11, 2008

Several Happy Mothers Day wishes

Happy Mothers Day to Brodi! I can't say enough about her...she has a wonderful heart and is an absolute fabulous mom to our two little boys. When they get hurt, they go to her. When they need someone to be with, they go to her. She is always there for them and they have a wonderful bond. Being a mom is heartbreaking, heartwarming, frustrating, terrifying and exhilarating and she handles all those emotions and continues to give our kids all the love and the support they need. Thanks for putting up with me and for being such a great woman.

Happy Mothers Day to my own mom who has put up with me all her life and helped me be the person that I am today.

Happy Mothers Day to my mother in law Joan. She raised two wonderful girls and I am lucky to have married Brodi and to be a part of the Ashton family.

And Happy Mothers Day to my three sisters and three sisters-in-law. All have great families and do a great job with their kids (29 terrific nieces and nephews between them all).

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Anonymous said...

Hear, Hear. So say we all.