Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thinkings

The family went to Riverdance last night. How much of a metrosexual am I in that I enjoyed it? I don't know how their ankles do all of that toe tapping. Lets just say that Brodi is in for a special evening when I whip out my leather pants and bust out some of my latest dancing moves.

There are few shows as funny on television as 'The Soup.' Usually inappropriate but usually very funny. It is basically a guy, Joel McHale, that makes fun of everything happening on television.

2 Things that I love? Our kitchen sink and Garbage Day


1. I am seriously addicted to our copper kitchen sink. I often just sit there and stare at it and put water in it and see the water go around and around. Its also kinda fun to watch it change colors too. Yes, I realize that I am pathetic.

2. Tuesday is Garbage Day--Brodi laughs at it, but I love Tuesday mornings because the garbage guy comes and picks up our trash and our recycling. Our recycling is just a bunch of Diet Coke cans and bottles. Nothing better than seeing all of our junk hauled away each week. The only thing that can beat garbage pickup is heading out to the dump. There is something strangely relaxing and satisfying about spending an hour at the dump with the seagulls and the smell.


Anonymous said...
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Amy said...

Make sure the blinds are closed for that very special evening for Brodi. We definitely don't want that to be a very special evening for the neighbors also.

Mel said...

Can we see more pictures of the finished kitchen?