Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not all Dogs are created equal

I love dogs. I also have ZERO interest in ever owning a dog again. My biggest problem with dogs is that they poop and pee on my lawn and they poop and pee on my neighbors' lawns and it would feel strange to apologize, whip out a plastic bag, pick it up and put it in my pocket as I walk back home with my dog. Over my life, I have had some great dogs--A standard poodle (Winnie the Pooh), a gentile Rottweiler (Annie) and an amazing Doberman Pinscher (Peppermint Patty). But, for now and probably forever, we won't be getting a dog. But, if we decided to get a dog, here are some options.

This is Wendy, the Hulk Dog--Seriously, can you imagine this dog just sitting your entryway. Burglar breaks in only to see a dog that looks like it belongs in a cartoon. If I were the burglar, I would turn myself in immediately, beg for forgiveness and then cry myself to sleep every night just remembering this dog. This is an otherwise rather healthy dog, but born with a health defect (though her life may be shortened a bit due to this gene) which made her 'double muscled.'

Now, if I am not going to get a tough menacing dog, then I go for the dog that will make you remember him ALWAYS. Here is the list of possibilities: These are dogs 1 and 2:

As adorable as those two dogs are, there are many other beautiful dogs. These are dogs 3 and 4.

Now, I just now need to go shopping and find me a dog like these. FWIW, each of these dogs were entered into an 'ugliest dog in the world' competition. Each of these dogs is loved by owners who are also aware of their 'unique' appearance.

Feel free to comment on which is your favorite. For me, nothing says 'adorable' like Dog #1.


The Dennis Ashton Family said...

I disavow all knowledge of this blog! Okay, seriously Sam had to promise me that each of these dogs is loved. When I was younger, I used to want six dogs. Then I married Sam. Now we have no dogs. The logical conclusion is that Sam is a six dog husband!
I love each and every dog on this blog! So please do not alert PETA.

-Brodi (10 dog wife)

Amy said...

Sorry Brodi, but those dogs are scary looking. If I saw any of those dogs I would be pretty nervous! Yes, I believe they should be loved and I better leave it at that. Sam, if you would like to talk about this later.....

Erin Gubler said...

Don't they say that dog owners look a lot like the dogs they own? Heaven help these particular dogs' owners.
Love the blog!


Chelsea said...

Good grief! Those are worse than the dogs I saw in Thailand.