Sunday, February 10, 2008

7 Random things that you may not have ever wanted to know about Brodi

Brodi was tagged by her friend, Kristi, and I am taking over for her and posting these 7 random facts about her, some of which many of you already know and some of which, you probably did not want to know.:

Kitchens are not made for cooking: She does not like to cook. As she says 'Why cook when someone else will do it for you and all you have to do is go and pick it up and the kitchen stays clean.' Though to be honest, she is a good cook...she just has little interest in doing it.

Diet Coke is Nature's Man-made Way of Saying I love you: Brodi loves her diet coke. Loves it. It is easy for me to get on her bad side; have no cold Diet Cokes on hand. I could have an entire 12 pack in the fridge but if it is gone by night time and there is none left, there is trouble. That is why we are serious about getting a Diet Coke fountain drink machine in our house. We also have become a safety net for the neighborhood...if you are out of Diet Coke, head on over to our house.

Give me travel or Give me Death: She absolutely loves to travel and during her life, she has visited and vacationed in 18 countries (USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Israel, Jordan and Egypt). Since being married, she has lived in 2 countries (US and England) as well as 4 states (Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Virginia). To say that she gets anxious to move around and see new things is an understatement. and Lover: She has had many, many careers and has been fabulous in each one. In fact, in our 10 years of marriage, she has had 7 different jobs to go along with being a mom--graduate student at LSE, Public relations coordinator for IHC, Television reporter and anchor in Idaho, ABC morning producer in Salt Lake City, Associate producer for KSL in Salt Lake City, worked for a nonprofit and finally, a realtor and a writer.

Read till she Drops: She is not obsessed about reading but once she picks up a book, she can't put it down until its finished even if that means that she finally turns out the light at 4am.

Not everyone's Taste and happy about it: She has a quirky and wide range appreciation of different television shows and movies. Favorites of hers include tv shows Veronica Mars, Entourage, Arrested Development and Dexter...and movies like Juno, Serenity, Godfather and Aliens. Brodi is a movie savant, she knows just about anything you would ever like to know or not like to know about a movie (plots, characters, actors, etc.) even when she has not seen the movie. One thing she will not do though is recommend a movie to anyone. She stopped giving out 'the thumbs up' to movies when she told my sister that 'Gladiator' is terrific and not very violent. 3 minutes into the movie, Brodi leaned over to my sister and said 'I'm so sorry, I guess its pretty violent.' 25 severed heads later, Brodi realized that she should not talk up a movie too much.

Cars are Family too: She loves her cars. She has had three cars since we have been married. A Nissan Sentra (for 2years, --she had driven this car in college as well), a toyota corolla (had it for 6 years and put 80K miles on it and she named it 'Cotton') and our current car an Acura MDX (had it for over 2 years and she has named it 'Smoky.'). My cars, she could care less about.

These are just a few random things about Brodi. To be honest, I could have gone on for hours. She is different, quirky, beautiful and fabulous and I love being a part of her life.


Anonymous said...
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The Dennis Ashton Family said...

In response, I (Brodi) just have to say that the first time I saw Gladiator, I had my eyes closed through much of it. Which is why I didn't realize how violent it was.

The rest is a fairly accurate account of my eccentricities. I hope we can all still be friends.


kristilee said...

This post just re-confirmed to me why I love Brodi so much. Brodi - whenever Jono and I sit around talking about trips we'd like to go on, one of us usually say, "Wouldn't that be a hoot if the Brodifori came with us?" I'm thinking Disney Cruise in a year or two...are you down? By the way, we've been following the Ashton Clot and we continue to pray for your dad...what a trooper.