Thursday, February 21, 2008

A 2-year old boy + a marker + newly painted walls = Bad news

So, Brodi and I are hanging out in the kitchen and talking to Carter and we see Beckham come slowly walking into the kitchen area. I would like to say that we could tell that he had been up to no good by the look in his eyes or by his attitude or by something that only a parent would know...but alas, the reason we knew he was up to no good was that his hands were colored blue, dark blue and he had a marker in his hand. We knew something was up...good deduction on our part, wasn't it? A 2-year old boy with a marker and ink all over his hands can lead a parent to say 'what has he been doing?' We quickly found out around the corner by the front door.

These walls were painted, oh, about 64 days ago. I was not pleased but I kept my emotions in check. Beckham did not. Let me tell you, Beckham is a pretty quiet, happy go lucky little guy but when he knows that he did something wrong, he can wail with the best of them.

So, after I pointed out to him the error of his ways, Beckham wiped away the tears and got to work. By some miracle (Brodi and I have been living right, so we were obviously blessed), the ink wiped away rather well.

And now, the wall is good as new. I cried out of joy as I looked at the wall. Beckham on the other hand will not be using markers for a while.


Janae said...

You already have an artist on your hands!!! I must say his artwork was quite lovely:)

Amy said...

Hey Becks, that is so unlike you! I am truly shocked. I hope everyone is missing me. I know I add a ray of sunshine in everyones lives on Saturn Ave. Actually I bet it has been very pleasant having all of us gone.

Amy said...

I don't know what you all think, but I think he is a genious. I think he was writing the message "Hood" maybe Beckham in the hood. Who knows.