Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two very entertaining shows

We have been very entertained over the past couple of weeks by a television show and a movie. Though there are other tv shows that have gotten the hype over the past year (the Office, Lost, 24, etc.), I have to say, '30 Rock' may just be the best of the bunch. It is very quick and very funny and at times, quite a bit offbeat. Though I don't know if I will ever find a show to replace 'Arrested Development' or 'Buffy', '30 Rock' is a must watch show.

The Alec Baldwin character is terrific...Tina Fey has a way of getting the best out of the other characters and Tracy Jordan is a scream. Anyway, if you haven't had a chance to watch it, check it out on Thursday nights.

Now that is not all. This past weekend, Brodi and I headed down to the Broadway theaters and watched King of Kong: A fistful of Quarters. It is a documentary about the Donkey Kong arcade game and the guy (Billy Mitchell, a mullet haired guy that is considered by many to be the best arcade game player ever) that has been the world record holder for 25 years and a guy (Steve Wiebe, a nice 30 year old guy with a wife and kids that teaches in high school) that is challenging his records. Seriously, it is more intense and funnier than most of what you are seeing in the movies today. By the end of the movie, Brodi and I were both yelling at the movie, cheering and cursing at the movie. It is a great time.


kristilee said...

We saw this movie about a month ago as well. LOVED IT!!! I don't think I've ever cheered or laughed so much at the movie theater. GO STEVE!

Molly said...

Movie theater?? Hmmm...that sounds vaguely familiar. I think I remember going to one once. :)