Saturday, October 6, 2007

Park City fun

We spent a day up at Park City doing all of the rides they have up there. The Alpine Slide and the Glider. Don't get me wrong, the Alpine Slide is nice. Its the old standby. But they have taken some of the fun out of it. Years and years ago, you feared for your life as you flew down the slide. You wondered what was going to happen when you lost control of your little machine and flew out of the slide. Gone are the days when you would come off of that slide with slide burns and bruises. I don't feel that I have got my money's worth without pain and tears.

The Alpine Glide is new and fabulous. It is a great ride. You are flying down the suspended slides...yes, you have no fear of falling off, but it is still a rush to do it. Carter loves it and would just say 'wweeeeeee' the entire way down.

Beckham kept himself entertained with the little kids rides all afternoon. It took him a second to get the courage to get in the flying airplane all by himself, but he was fine after a few minutes and he kept wanting to go back. The problem that I have with those rides is that almost all kid rides just go in circles. If our kid ever needs to have a parent join him, it has to be Brodi because I will be stifling puking the minute we start to go in a circle. I am very good at watching them going in circles, but I am no good at being the one that goes in the circles. They are getting close to closing for the summer, but if you have a chance to go and do these rides, it is worth the $20 or so to go and do it.

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