Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sunday Flashback: Summer '07 trip to Jackson and Yellowstone (puking story included)

Every other year, our family, the Gublers (Brodi's sister and her family) and Brodi's parents head on up to Jackson Hole. Brodi's parents have time shares that they reserve up there and we are able to go up and have a week long trip. Jackson and Yellowstone are beautiful this time of year.

So, we are excited for a good trip. Brodi was closing on a couple of deals so we didn't get to leave till around 8pm. As you probably know, Jackson is a 4.5-5 hour drive. As we made our way thru Davis County, I turned around and noticed Beckham not looking real well. All of a sudden, he turned his head a little bit and started puking everywhere. We are driving on the freeway, no exits in site and road construction going on all around us. There is no 'shoulder' of the road. Beckham stopped puking for about a minute and then puked again...and again...and again. He actually did not look to be in much pain, but his belly was getting pretty close to being empty. Carter would look over and start pointing at Beckham, 'Mommy, Daddy, Beckham's throwing up...pull over.' Yeah Carter, we heard the news. We finally got to an exit and drove into a Flying J. We drove over to the Diesel Truck area where they have a huge hose. We took Beckham out and his car seat and basically hosed him down. After about 3 minutes, we hear over the loudspeakers 'The hose is not for use for our patrons.' I gave the finger and felt that he deserved it. We finally got on our way. We ended up getting to Jackson around 2am. Great start.

That was just the start of it. Lets just say that few, if any, of all of the families escaped the sickness. We all seemed to be knocked down for at least a day. Nothing better than being close to a bunch of sick people for a week long vacation.

I did find possibly the best hamburger that I have ever tasted. I got it from the Cadillac Grill. This place is great...they have a nice restaurant on one side and on the other side is more of a diner type environment. They had a 25 year old chef that was just tossing buns, hamburgers around like he ruled the world. It was very entertaining. You sat on bar stools basically in a half square while he cooked in front of you. I felt bad for his 'apprentice' that just kept a broom out and was continually sweeping the floor of all the fries, meat, pickles, etc. that were being thrown about by this kid. So--I didn't know what to expect. I got a fabulous hamburger. It was one of the best hamburgers that I had ever had. I ended up going back to this little place 3 more times during our stay in Jackson.

In Jackson, we also did quite a bit of bike riding on the outskirts of the town. Carter had his own seat and it was attached to my bike. He loved acting like he was the one pushing us along. Beckham sat on a basket seat on the back of Brodi's bike.

There were a couple of fun things that we did in both Jackson and Yellowstone. We did the Firehole where it is basically a river of warm water and we could swim in it. Carter loved it as did Beckham and I was able to have them hold on to me as we went thru the water. We also did a little hiking including an area to see the big waterfalls which was fun. A long walk down, but it was fun and the kids enjoyed it.

We did make it home with no more puking...though on the trip back from Yellowstone back down to Jackson, Beckham let a little more out. it was nowhere near as much though as he did on the way up to Jackson. We made it thru the trip and had a good time even though we spent a lot of money on wipes and napkins to clean up lots of stuff from Beckahm.

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Molly said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Glad you had a good time. What's a road trip without a little puke, huh? We really need to get together with you guys soon. Sam, why don't you take the lead on that! :)