Saturday, October 6, 2007

The kitchen remodel keeps moving along

You can see the beam up there.....................................................up in the ceiling with no way down.

Let me tell you...when you decide you want to knock down 5 walls, you need to have a plan. Now, why on earth would you need a plan? If you knock down a few load bearing walls and you haven't thought it through, well, you got yourself some problems. Like the entire house falling down. But, WE HAD A PLAN and the roof did not fall down. Thats good news. The bad news was getting two 20-foot beams into our ceiling. We cut a hole in our garage and we started putting it thru the hall. Now, we do not have a high sloped roof, so while our do-it-all man Dave pushed the beam up thru the wall, I was inside the ceiling grabbing the beam and trying to help him pull it through. He ended up having to cut out some of the rafters to get it to fit (and yes, he did repair it all), we finally got it in. Both of them. From the pictures, this is Dave giving me some of the 1954 Jim Beam alcohol that I found in the ceiling to compensate me for the 2 hours that I sweated and cried and moaned in the roof.

I have also decided that insulation was a truly terrible invention. Yes it helps keep the cold out and yes, it helps cut down utility costs...but entire you have rolled around in it on your belly trying to get around--then you have no idea how bad that stuff is. I still itch. At least I didn't find any body parts or dead animals up there. Unfortunately I did not find any treasures either (unless you count old alcohol bottles treasures...which I think some of you do). Remodel is entering its third week on Monday. 4 weeks to go. And yes, we are all sick of it.

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