Sunday, October 14, 2007

Flashback Sunday: Halloween 2006

Since we are getting close to Halloween, I thought that this Sunday would be a good flashback to last year's Halloween. Carter was Winnie the Pooh and Beckham was Tigger. Carter's outfit was the best because he had the big belly pouch which made him look about 30 pounds heavier than he really was.

Carter was a big boy for his first real 'I know what I am doing' Halloween. He wanted to go to the houses alone and do the whole Trick or Treat introduction. He came home with quite a stash. Beckham was not as adept at it all siimply because he could not walk, but he did enjoy the dress up part of it all.

The other fun part of it was we had a little kitty cat come to our house and sleep on our front porch. We gave her milk and took care of her that night. Shockingly enough, she did not go anywhere. Carter became so attached that he grabbed his blanket one night, brought it outside and tried to sleep next to him on our front porch. I doubt that my neighbors would have been too impressed if they saw Carter sleep outside our porch in 30 degree weather, so I finally convinced Carter to leave kitty outside and come sleep on his bed.

So, Brodi hit the streets with flyers all around the neighborhoods trying to find the owner. She made phone calls to half of the city as well...but nobody would claim her. She even took out ads on the internet trying to find her owner. No, 2 weeks later (all spent living on our doorstep and inside our house at times), Brodi found her a great home with one of her best friends. The cat was saved and is still very happy. All in all it was a good Halloween season.

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