Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another year of soccer down...

So, soccer season has ended. Carter has been playing on the Impact Academy team as well as his Rec team this year, so it has been busy. With Academy, he had 3 hours of practices during the week and a game on Saturday. With Rec, he had another practice during the week as well as another game on Saturday. It was a pretty hectic schedule this year. He loved both teams. His Academy team (pic on the left) didn't lose this year and their closest victory was 5-2. Other scores of their wins included 12-0, 9-1, 8-2. They were scary good and they got along really well together and were always respectful of the other teams.

Our rec team are a bunch of kids who have now played together for up to 4 years. I love these kids. Last year, they finished the season 7-1 and the spring before they finished 6-2. This year was more of a roller coaster for them, but they still finished in at 3-3-2. This is their last year together as the boys and girls will be playing solely for the Academy teams or playing football or doing other things. I coached these kids for the past few years and its weird that they won't be all around for another year. Fun little neighborhood group who enjoyed playing together and were a really good team.

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