Friday, June 3, 2011

School, Eyeball and Eating

Carter has his last day of 2nd grade school today. Nutty. I can't believe how much he is growing up. I see pictures of him even a year ago and he looked so young then. Becks still has school for a couple more weeks.

I had a tennis match last night. Great match except for the getting hit right in the eye ball with the tennis ball. I have literally played 20,000 hours of tennis in my life and I have never been hit by a ball in my eye. Except for last night. Totally fluke, but egads it hurt. I keep trying to convince Brodi that girls dig guys with a swollen eye but she is not convinced. I probably should have told her that I got it in a bar fight. Oh well.

If you haven't heard, the decades long Food pyramid (which was recently improved, but I am only showing the one that was around for 20 years before) has been thoroughly updated and turned into a Food Plate. Yes, a food plate. I am still trying to figure out where a Brown Sugar Pop Tart fits on that plate.

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