Friday, June 17, 2011

Becks little adventure

So, last night I played in our annual neighborhood basketball tournament. It is usually pretty intense with 16 teams or so and its a lot of fun and played over 2 days. I was lucky to have a great teammate and we rocked it. But in between one of our games, I looked over and I couldn't see 5-year old Becks anywhere. So, a couple of the families started looking in some of the neighbors backyards to see if he was playing there. He wasn't. I started getting a bit nervous and then I see him running up the street. He comes up to me and hands me my phone which I had left at our house.

Earlier in the evening, I had said to someone that I had left my phone at home. Becks heard it and decided to go get it for me. We live about 3 blocks away, but he ran over there at 8pm and entered our house codes to get in, got it and brought it back to me. That little rascal. Freaked me out a bit, but it is nice that he knows his way around the area.


Darcy adamson said...

hes such a smart little guy

samandbrodi said...

Darcy - smart and handsome, huh?