Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tennis and Bodyguards

Last night, Brodi and I played in a mixed doubles tournament over at the UofU Eccles Tennis Center. We had a good time even with Brodi talking trash all night against our opponents. It was interesting though, there were these 2 younger guys in dark suits hanging out. I figured that they were probably not there to watch me...but they were watching the man on the other court. It was Utah governor Gary Herbert.

At one point, Mr. Herbert lost one of his tennis balls. We didn't find it at first on our court but we eventually did and I walked it over to him and told him that we found their tennis ball. I then mentioned that I was going to keep it, but I didn't want the bodyguards to beat me up and throw me in jail if I kept his tennis ball. He kind of laughed. I will say though, I could have totally beaten his bodyguards in a tennis match.

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