Friday, May 21, 2010

Randomness of the Week

Brodi and I went to a movie this past Saturday and it was a Horror. No kidding. The movie was pretty entertaining, Iron Man 2. I am a true comic book geeks (as my thousands of comics from my childhood would attest) so seeing these comics on the big screen is always fun. But the scary thing was outside of the movie theaters on 33rd South. It is hard to tell from the picture, but look at the trunk and go up to where the branches start--there you will see a massive beehive. HUGE. Few things in this world scare me much. I love heights, I love adventure...but bees make me break out in a cold sweat and makes me scream like a little boy. I gathered up the courage to take this picture. We were told that a queen bee landed here and her swarm joined her for a party. They yellowed taped this area off to the public. No deaths reported.

This morning, we drove by a sign at a dance club with this on a billboard: 'Foam Party tonight!!' I seriously have no idea what that means. Dancing with foam? What kind of foam...the hard styrofoam stuff or the liquid foamy stuff. I am tempted to take Brodi down there and show these teenagers how old parents party.

I went out to eat with my dad at a restaurant. He got a can of Diet Coke. He went to pop it open and the tab popped off. We finally punched it out so that he could drink it. After a taste, he put it down and checked the expiration date: October 2009. Yep, not a good impression of that eating establishment.

Have a good weekend.


Laura said...

LOL!! I think you SHOULD take your wife! Let me know how it turns out (I too have No idea) and maybe Chip and I can hit it next week! ;)

nielsons*love*family said...

i'm thinking SPRAY foam...which always sounds fun....right?

and EWWW! on the dt. expired coke.

lily said...


Sam said...

LT--missed the foam dance party. You and Chip will have to check it out.

Dorien--You are right about the expired Diet Coke...but even expired Diet Coke is better than no Diet Coke at all.

Lily--Stay away from foam dance parties.