Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Next round of Books

Here are the latest books that I have gone thru over the past few weeks.

Daemon by Daniel Suarez
I wanted to like this book. It is about a dead man who programmed some very nasty computer viruses to wreck havoc on America when he was gone. It is a fun storyline and it is wild but it all too often shifts to the unbelievable side. The computer side is fascinating, but the recruitment and managing of so many people to help this dead man continue on managing the computer viruses strains credibility. Fun read but you will need to suspend logic at times.

The Shack by Wm. Paul Young
I have no idea what to think of this book. It centers on a family who loses their daughter to a serial killer. The dad spends a few years trying to figure out his life now that his daughter is gone until one day he gets a note in his mailbox from 'God.' He has to decide if he is willing to follow the direction to go up to the Shack where they found evidence of the death of his daughter.

He gets there and he comes face to face with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. He spends a weekend learning about forgiveness, the love of God and Jesus' atonement while at the same time learning about himself. It is a very interesting concept and it is played off well. It gets hokey sometimes, but the conversations between man and the Godhead is compelling at times. For those that believe in God, it is worth a read to see how He is handled and how He interacts with a very flawed but very earnest man.

Watchman by Ian Rankin
This is a thriller of the England MI-5 spy organization and a man who is part of the watchers team. His job is to watch targets and monitor them. A man eludes his watch and ends up killing a foreign member of a government. He quickly realizes that there is more to this than just about him as he may be being set up within his own organization. The story revolves around him trying to figure out, getting double crossed and working his way thru the mystery. Pretty good, with some rather slow periods. This is one of Rankin's first books and it is a bit raw but still interesting with good character development.

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