Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phones are a changin'...and confusion in the car

We just got a new phone system in our office. It is an IP phone system. The calls are all done online (similar to using Comcast phones or Vonage). We can listen to our voicemail online. We can take our phone home, plug it in the wall and people in the office can forward calls to me at my home by simply using my extension. I can go on a business trip to Africa, plug it in to the wall and make phone calls and my caller id will show up as a local Utah call. I can put pictures on my phone...I can change up the ring tone...I can do a bunch of other stuff. Pretty coll stuff. With that said, I found an old school phone sitting around our office. Amazing how things have changed. A phone is no longer a phone.

I was borrowing a car from my mother yesterday and I got in to drive and I wanted to turn on the heat as it was snowing (yep, Utah weather, 60+ degrees the day before and a couple of inches of snow yesterday). I looked at that frakkin' control panel and I had NO idea what to do with it. I just stared at it, became more confused, said 'Forget it' and then buttoned up my jacket. There are 3 separate round wheels to do something, but what each one does, I have no idea.


Chelsea said...

Sam, you kill me. I love this because I've totally been there and it's like - it's official, we are OLD. Remember when our parents couldn't figure out the VCR? Retards.

Sam said...

Yes Chelsea, we are getting old. Now the blinking light is on our blu-ray player.