Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michael and Sam: the Singers

So, this past weekend, we finally decided to watch Michael Jackson's 'This is It.' I have to say, I was impressed that he was as coherent and active as he was during it all. He still could dance and he still could sing. I wanted the show to be more of a documentary of those final couple of months, instead it was more just showing him practice performing with his dancers. Oh well.

I took Carter with me to drop that movie off at Blockbuster. Carter saw the cover and couldn't stop laughing at the wild costume he was wearing. He asked me who Michael Jackson was and I explained to him that he was a singer when I was growing up. Carter then asked me if he knew of any of his songs and I explained that he didn't but I could sing some of the songs to him. I started singing Thriller and he busted out laughing--"he doesn't sound like that!" Yes, he does. I do a perfect Michael impersonation, hitting only the highest of high notes. I then busted out 'Billie Jean' and after about 5 seconds, he screamed 'Thats enough Sam, thats enough!' Yep, I wish I could say that he does not have an ear for music...but I think its safe to say that my singing stinks.


Shellie said...

I'm sure it was lovely!

by the way Y do u h8 me? I never ever talk to you guys anymore.


whether you and brodi like it or not I WILL show up on your doorstep this summer!!!!

let this be a warning!!!

Sam said...

ShellBell...we miss you too. We can't wait for the summer hanging out. Welcome back from the Magical World--it sounds like you had fun.

Shellie said...

Thank you for responding. You are forgiven. May the lord have mercy on your soul.