Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking good while Looking at movies

Do have an ipod or some other small movie/tv player? But do you get frustrated that it can hard to see in the glare of the mid-day sun? Well, this product will solve those concerns. Who would not want to wear this while lounging around, in a restaurant, on the beach? You would be the hit of the party as you enjoy your movie anywhere you want:


kristilee said...

Thanks for the homes you sent along! Where do you find this stuff (the TV Hat, that is, not the homes)? Jono and I just watched the infomercial. So funny! I especially liked the couple in bed- the husband tilting up his TV hat to give his wife a goodnight kiss. You just saved me a lot of time looking for a Father's Day gift this June. Sweeeeet!

Sam said...

I think Jono would look great in that tv hat. You can't go wrong with a purchase like that.

You are welcome about the home information...but don't talk about it, do it. Do it for Cami and Carter!