Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scout joins the Family

I finally sold my truck a week or two ago. I have had this truck for over 4 years now and loved it, but realized that it was time for a change.

All thru college and the first few years of marriage, I had an early 1970s Chevy Blazer. It was completely restored. Beautiful interior, great exterior. And then one sad morning, an older woman ran a red light and smashed into the side of my Blazer. We were both fine, but the Blazer was crunched, breaking its axle as well as basically ruining the entire side of it. Let me just say that many tears were shed that day.

Brodi and I decided to go out and find us a Blazer or a Bronco. We actually found one up in Norther Idaho and put the offer on it and were ready to fly up there and pick it up until the seller informed me that they decided not to sell. Seriously? You have an ad up to sell a car and then you decide, 'you know what, we are going to keep it.' Whatever. The search continued and finally ended a week ago when we found an International Scout on It was down in St. George. So, I got Brodi a hotel room and a rental car and she headed down to pick it up.

We got and she drove it home. It aint a Blazer but it will be fun to have another car and the kids love it. I am also thanking for neighbor R who is happy to help me fix some of its quirks. There is nothing like driving an old beautiful 1970s car and wondering if it will start up, how much oil it will leak and all of the other joys of a non-modern car. I couldn't be happier.


Jono said...

I'm totally jealous. That is one sweet ride. There's nothing like driving a classic truck.

The Eastley Family said...

I'm confused. Is the touchscreen gps hidden behind a panel somewhere?

nielsons*love*family said...

still need a ride in it....can we wait til the sun comes out again though? (and it's 80 degrees!)

Sam said...

Jono--I hear you. When are you getting yours?

Kent--yes, the GPS is hidden right behind the DVD player and the cruise control and voice activated phone feature. It is pretty awesome.

Dorien--you got it!