Monday, October 12, 2009

We just may have to move....

We love our neighborhood. Great families, great kids, great location. But there is something about this house (and yes, this is an actual active home listing right now) that is making me ready to move my family.

It has just about everything that you would want.
**A main house? Check
**A guest house? Check
**Privacy from the neighbors? Check.
**A feeling like you are living on the moon? Check...uh, what? Seriously?

This real estate purchase comes with 60 acres of lunar landscape views. It is also located midway between LA and Las Vegas. And for those that have made that drive--and I have made that drive about 15 times, there aint much between those two cities.

I can just see it--my boy Carter saying, 'Hey, can I go and play with my friend?' and me responding, 'Son, the only kids that live around here are about 45 miles to the South, go play with GI Joe figures.'

This could be all yours for only $750,000. Which isn't too bad when you consider you get two homes and 60 acres of land. Also, if you don't like door to door salesmen, this place could be ideal.


Amy said...

I bet if you lived there, you wouldn't have to watch other peoples home movies. That might be a bonus!

samandbrodi said...

Amy--Yeah, that home video was a bit inappropriate...but no worries, we are all still bffs.

nielsons*love*family said...

everytime i drive that stretch of road, i think to myself "if only i could find a house is SO lovely!"


wonder if it will ever sell?