Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Utah Site: Delta Center and the Utah Jazz

Back in 1991, one of my best friends from high school, Jia Yn, took me to the first ever regular season game for the Jazz in this arena (they had just left the Salt Palace). I still remember it and the Jazz played the Seattle Sonics (don't ask about the results, it was a bad game for the Jazz). I can't believe that this stadium is nearly 20 years old. This arena cost $93 million and was built in record time, 16 months, to have it ready for the basketball season. Couple of interesting things--the roof weighs 3 million pounds. There are nearly 2,700 panels of insulated glass on the arena. The arena holds around 20,000 people. It is now called the Energy Solutions Arena, but I have always known it as the Delta Center and I refuse to call it by its new name.

I decided to take the boys downtown to see the Utah Jazz have their annual scrimmage. It was a good time. On the outside of the Delta Center, there are 2 huge action statues of Karl Malone and John Stockton. A nice little remembrance of those two and all of those years in SLC. Right when we entered the arena, I said to the boys to get ready to take some pictures...and the cheerleaders were right there and they came up and started talking to the boys. Too bad that the camera was on the wrong setting (darn that Becks and his playing with the camera) but we still got a shot with the boys and the ladies.

There were a couple of pretty cool things that we got to see while we were in the stands. They filmed a couple of commercials with us sitting there...so when you see the Jazz commercials at the start of the season, look really hard and you may see us in the background. We also got to see the Jazz players have a dance off to show who was the best rookie dancer. Kosta Kofous won that very prestigious award.

We left the inside of the arena and wandered down the halls. We found a staircase that was not being guarded and the boys and I headed up to the top floor. Great views and we went to the doors to sneak back into the arena until Carter said, 'I don't think we should be here, should we?' We wandered for a bit more and headed back downstairs.

A nice downtown late stroll back to the car and Carter made me promise that I would let him stay up late during the season to watch some games of the Jazz. I love this pic except Carter is giving one of his absolutely hillariously terrible 'camera smiles.' If you need to get the kids out this winter, a Jazz game is very entertaining even if the kids don't want to sit much as they can just wander the crowds and the hallways.

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Brodi Ashton said...

Cutest pictures ever. I wish I could've been there!